Do You Want The Secret To Losing Weight?

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It’s no secret that one of the most popular health discussions is consistently about how to lose weight. With much of the American population considered obese, there are many that desire to take their lives back, but don’t know how.

While we can look everywhere and see diet advertisements, or someone saying “take this pill to make you thin”, and many of us trying it and realizing it doesn’t work, it’s no wonder that we end up frustrated and give up!

While I do offer a weight loss program, the program is not a diet, and is instead intended to get you on the track to reclaim your life in 30 days.  It’s my wellness program, yet even with that being said, there are some that just need that extra boost, and they can do it themselves.  By all means, get healthy however you choose to!

One of the biggest secrets in losing weight is so overlooked it probably wouldn’t come to mind.  That secret is Fiber.  If you increase the fiber in your diet, you will begin to see the rapid results.  Not only is fiber good for you because it allows and promotes the expelling of toxins and backed up food in the colon and intestines, but it also works wonders for your GI tract.

Some foods that are high in fiber, and should definitely be a part of your diet are listed:

Legumes (lentils, dry beans, peas)125002-425x283-Variety_of_Legumes

Brown rice

Whole Grains (Oats, Barley, etc.)

Fiber rich fruits and vegetables (Apples, Squash, Cruciferous veggies, Berries, etc.)

While Fiber supplements are available, I would caution you to be careful when taking them.  If too much is taken it can result in loose bowels and intestinal cramping, and basically an all around bad day.

For a quick way to get much of the fiber and fruits and veggies when you’re on the run, try preparing a smoothie in the mornings.  That will help fill much of your day’s quota, and you’ll start losing that extra weight and getting back to your sexy self!

Fiber is one of the main secrets to losing weight, as well as to the lack thereof.  If you find yourself frustrated with a stalled weight loss, check your fiber intake.  That may be the hold up.

Until next time, stay healthy!

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