*I just received my first bottle of your lotion and I’m already hooked! I live in DRY Colorado and usually use lotion after cleaning the kitchen and then have to use it again. I used it, fixed supper (washed my hands a couple of times), cleaned up the kitchen and still have not had to use lotion! I love it! Cannot wait to order some for my daughter and daughter in love! (and my grand kids!) – Mary Rosie Galindo Haught

*I have been feeling like a prisoner by my acne for some time now. I have tried everything including prescription medications. I finally found a product that gives me hope that I can win this battle I have been struggling with. I was able to see results after the first time I used Nadine Renee’s Bentonite Clay Mask. My acne felt and looked less irritated. Active pimples shrunk within a day. This mask leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean, and supple. I would recommend this to anyone! – Melissa Smiley

*I’m a big dummy!!!! I should have taken some pics before I started using the soap you sent. My eczema is about 90% clear now since using your product. I was dreading going out in public sometimes because it had started to get so bad on my neck and face. Not anymore though. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!  -Charles Gaines

*I received your lovely soaps yesterday. I showered with a dolphin one last night and I loved it. Continue to be blessed and highly favored. -Judith

*Here is a before and after picture we received. This was 1 week after starting on our soap and lotion.


*I was sold on this body butter the first time I used it!!!!! The oils are so nourishing to my skin and they last. After using it, it remained on my hands after many washes. This is a must try!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Darlene Mahoney


Thanks for the products! The mask is great. It purifies without harshness. -Tiziana Lohnes


My daughter LOVESSSS the soap and almost got in trouble yesterday for going off on her little sister for using it. EXCELLENT PRODUCT *mother of kids with eczema*. -Michelle Askew


Hi Nadine. I just want to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE your shea butter!! It is so comforting and soothing, especially on the eczema on my feet. -Carmen Gillmore Scott


I ordered one for me and one for my co-worker. We both love it and another co-worker might be ordering on her own. -Glenda Laurent Dickinson


Thank you so much for my sugar scrub and body butter…I absolutely love it!! -PoeticStylist


Your body lotion is the BEST. I can’t wait to get the order I just placed. My skin gets dry, but your lotion is the ONLY one that moisturizes deeply for me. My elbows are always dry by the end of the day…but not when I use your product. Love the bar soap too. No oily residue. Rinses off quickly and easily. Very satisfied customer! – Danielle Gillmore Johnson


I now have a bottle by my recliner and one by my hubby’s chair. Will give my daughter her bottle tomorrow! I’m recovering from broken ankle followed by surgery plus I live with lupus and fibromyalgia. My husband has had 2 back surgeries and this oil had been a God send! I’m not being melodramatic! Will try on my mom’s stroke affected hands this next week. Thank you!! – Mary Haught



Before and after using our Colon Cleanse & Internal Detox.



This is unreal!!!!! Nadine Renee your hands are blessed chica!!! I have never in life had such quick relief from pain……

If you suffer from any kind of physical pain you need to get this Pain Oil!


ONCE again Dr. Nadine Renee has saved me and given me the best advice… she’s a wonderful and very smart woman. If there is anyone who is looking for natural healing products please look at her website. I highly recommend my Soror ‪#‎beautyandbrains‬ ‪#‎truesisterhood‬ ‪#‎IL‬.O.V.EYOU

Oh and like her FB page too



Good Morning Nadine,

I know there were issues with my order being processed. I want to thank you for getting everything worked out so quickly and smoothly. I have received my entire order and I am very satisfied!!

I ordered the Bentonite Clay Mask for my son, who has a very bad case of acne. In the timeframe he has used the mask (about 2 or 3 times so far) since receiving the order, I see a significant difference in his skin and acne breakouts. Your mask was recommended by a close family friend and I am so very thankful to her. I also used the mask and I am very pleased with the results. Your hair conditioner is great!! My hair never felt so GOOD!!!

I will continue to order the mask and more products from you. Thank you again for the very professional way you handled my entire order process.

I will try to send a before – middle – after picture of my son later so that you can see the results and maybe use him as a testimony.

Have a blessed and prosperous week!!

Peace and Blessings,