Simple Ways To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water

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Infuse water with lemon, mint, cucumber, and/or fruits:  My kids absolutely love infused water.  They can go through a gallon of water between the 2 of them in just a few days.  The best way is to let the infusion sit in the fridge overnight so the flavors can get into the water.  Once the water is done, my kids have a ball eating the fruits.  There are some water pitchers that have built in infusion chambers to just drop fruit and mint in and it keeps it neat in one small tube.  (Get it here)

Use fun cups: The truth is kids will drink more if they have their own big kid fun cups.  Try getting a wacky cup (Get it here) or swirly straws (Get it here) for them.  They’ll be glad to drink water on their own.  If you have a water dispenser, they will also be glad to get the water themselves, as it makes them feel like big kids.  

Tell them about the pee test:  When they use the bathroom, tell them it’s a game to see who can pee the lightest.  Does it sound weird? Absolutely! Does it work?  Definitely!  In order for them to win, the pee has to be light.  In order to get it light, they have to drink water.  Kids like having fun challenges, and yes, even fun bathroom challenges.

Dilute their juice:  Many of the kids juices, including organic ones have way too many grams of sugar in them.  What I’ve always done for my kids is dilute their juices with 1/2 juice and 1/2 water.  If they’re used to the sugar, it may take some adjusting.  You may have to start with 1/3 of water, and work up to 1/2 of water.  Eventually they won’t be ale to tell the difference.  My kids are used to it, and it doesn’t even phase them.  An added bonus is it makes the juice last twice as long, and they’re not drinking as much sugar.

Make fruit filled ice cubes: Kids will take in water through ice.  My daughter loves ice, and she likes to crunch on the ice chips and ice cubes.  A good treat for them is to use an ice cube tray, and stick a fruit inside each cavity. Berries are among the favorites for my kids.  Then fill the ice tray up with water, and freeze just like normal.  They’ll have a good time sucking on the ice cubes, trying to get to the fruit inside.

Be the example: Our kids will do what they see us do instead of what we tell them to do.  When they see us drinking more water, they will copy the behavior.  When you have a cup, offer them a cup too.  Teach them healthy behaviors while they’re young.  Enjoy!

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    1. Hi Skye, That happens often. My kids drink less water in the winter too. I keep a pitcher of room temperature water on our table. That helps them drink more during those cold winter months. 🙂

  1. Thankfully for me my kids love water, but I also think their fun straws help (great tip! I know my kids love theirs!), and my son loves being able to get water himself form the fridge door, so that’s good too.

    1. Hi Sharon!
      Boys definitely get a kick out of it! They’re just hardwired that way. (smile) My son cracks up with the pee test. Lol

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