Remedy For UTI, Kidney Stones, Anemia, And More!

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Parsley is a powerful herbal remedy, and throughout history has been used to regulate menstrual cycles, and even to restore the uterus back to it’s proper position after birth. Yes, it’s THAT powerful! Parsley is used mainly as an herb or a tea. The tea is most often used, while most people throw away the herb that comes on their plate when they eat at a restaurant.

Parsley tea is widely used to support the kidneys and liver, and any health issues associated with it. Parsley tea prevents the body tissues from absorbing salt, which then improves the kidney and liver functions, which is to flush the body of waste.

Other common uses of Parsley tea is bladder infection and kidney stones. Prevention of colon cancer in men and women, and prevention of cervical cancer in women. Improving cardiovascular health. Reducing bad LDL cholesterol. Reducing high blood pressure. Improving digestion and removal of gas. Improve Anemia and related conditions. Parsley is also known as a breath freshener when chewed on in herbal form. Parsley is also used as a cancer fighting food.

*Parsley tea is contraindicated for pregnant women!

To make Parsley tea:
Two tablespoons fresh or dried parsley placed in boiling water. Parsley should stand 5-10 minutes, and then remove it completely. After cooling it add a few drops of lemon juice in the tea and a tablespoon of honey if you like honey.

You can drink the tea whenever you want, and with the already mentioned symptoms should be consumed twice a day. The tea made ​​from parsley will cause increased urination, so it is not recommended before sleep.

Parsley can be also used for reducing anxiety and calming the nerves. You need to take the root and leaves of this plant, to chop it and mix it with acacia honey. The mixture should stay 7 days, and then take one tablespoon at night before bedtime.

Parsley is also easily grown in the house, and can be used to add flavor to food.  To find Parsley seeds to grow your own plants, click here.

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