Probiotics: Can It Help Heal Mental Health Disorders?

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In a nation where every illness is overly prescribed numerous medications, we’re left to wonder if the side effects are even worth the risk.  Mental health disorders are among the conditions with numerous drugs, that have major side effects, which can include suicidal tendencies.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending that anyone stop medication that may be helping them.  Before trying any treatments, please do your research, and consult with your medical practitioner.

Researchers from the Human Microbiome Project published scientific papers which shows their research to prove that a common strain of probiotic can create GABA within the gut.  The scientific research also showed that it enhanced brain receptors for the neurotransmitters.

Naturally produced GABA is a safe alternative to many psychiatric drugs.  It is proven to calm the nervous system, promote tranquil sleep, minimize anxiety, alleviate depression, and more.

John Cryan of the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre at University College Cork in Ireland is studying how Lactobacillus bacteria in the gut specifically influences the brain. He discovered that lactobacillus actually alters the brain-cell receptors for GABA, and actually reduces anxious behavior.

The bacteria not only create more GABA receptors, but also produces the neurotransmitter itself which circulates through the blood.  This all has a positive effect on the emotional balance and the nervous system, without having the dangerous side effects of psychiatric drugs.

Some foods that you can find these neurotransmitters are in common household foods like yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh, or sauerkraut. There are also probiotics that you can take to find these neurotransmitters also. You can find a good probiotic by clicking here.

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