Dark Chocolate

Natural Alternatives to Energy Drinks

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Dark Chocolate

One of the most common complaints regarding health and wellness is a lack of energy.  Most people are familiar with that afternoon slump you hit.  Or even trying to wake up first thing in the morning, especially for non-coffee drinkers.  Here are a few natural alternatives to those extremely unhealthy energy drinks.

1) Vitamin B12  (Get it here)

Many Americans are deficient in the B12 that they need for their bodies.  B12 is a major component for the healthy well-being of the nervous system.  Taking a liquid supplement of vitamin B12 is a great way to fix the deficiency, and boost low energy levels.

2)Peppermint Essential Oil (Get it here)

Peppermint Essential Oil is a great aromatherapy tool.  The components in Peppermint EO when inhaled stimulates the brain to awaken, and makes you more alert.  This is a great oil to smell first thing in the morning before work or school.

3)Yerba Mate (Get it here)

Yerba Mate is a common herb among people familiar with alternative medicine.  Yerba Mate contains a chemical called “Mateine”, which is similar to caffeine, but does not stress the adrenal glands in the body.  There are many Yerba Mate drinks on the market, or you can create your own with loose herbs, or buy tea bags to stick in your hot water.

4)Moringa Oleifera (Get it here)

Moringa is a common alternative to caffeinated beverages, and is packed with many nutritional benefits.  For Moringa supplements, a dosage of 400mgs is sufficient.  You can also buy the tea bags to steep in your hot water.

5)Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate not only contains numerous nutritious benefits, as well as yummmm chocolate.  That should be reason all by itself.  It also contains small amounts of caffeine, which will help give you the energy boost you want without the crash.

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