Deep Conditioning for The Winter Weather

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Split ends! Dry hair! Ugh!!
Our locks and tresses get so dried out during the winter months. In an effort to protect our hair, we need to deep condition with products that contain no sulfates.
Here’s a recipe for a spectacular deep conditioner that will leave your hair feeling and smelling absolutely wonderful!
This recipe is great for ALL hair types, so enjoy deep conditioning those crowns!

What you’ll need:
4 oz. Organic Coconut Milk (You can use the canned Coconut Milk if you can’t find the fresh one)
2 tspns Raw Honey
Vanilla essential oil (optional)

This mixture can last up to a few days, so you should probably make in single batches.

How to use:

Wash hair as normal. Then apply deep conditioner to still wet hair.
Leave on hair anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. The longer it stays on, the more your hair will soak it in.
Rinse out. No need to wash over again. Just make sure you wash it out thoroughly. If you added the Vanilla EO, your hair will smell absolutely amazing when you’re done.


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