8 Ways To Zap Low Energy

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8 Ways To Zap Low Energy

Do you find yourself feeling run down by mid-afternoon?  Do you hit that lunch time crash?  There is help for you!
Drinking energy drinks and popping caffeine pills can put a strain on your heart and cause heart arrhythmia. So what options do you have for an energy boost? Well I’m glad you asked! (smile)

I’ve put together some natural options for you from different categories from herbal remedies to aromatherapy. Take your pick on what works best for you. Avoid that energy crash from now on with these remedies:

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil- Peppermint oil has the benefit of being a sensory stimulant when inhaled.  It awakens the mental energy in us, and allows us to refocus.  You can diffuse the oil, or even take a few whiffs straight from the bottle.  If you inhale for 5 minutes, you will feel a major energy boost.

  2. Yerba Mate-Yerba Mate is an herb that is known for it’s caffeine effects.  The amount of caffeine is almost equivalent to a regular cup of coffee.  If you are caffeine sensitive, then it’s a good idea to pass this herb up.

  3. Guarana-This is another herb that can be taken as a pill.  Guarana has about twice the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.  Again, if you are caffeine sensitive, steer clear of Guarana.  The recommended dosage for this herb is between 200 and 800mgs daily.

  4. Citrus Essential Oils-Essential oils like Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit are also known to boost energy when inhaled.  You can inhale or diffuse the Citrus oils the same way as the Peppermint oil.

  5. WheatGrass Juice- Just 1 shot of WheatGrass Juice can boost your energy as well as add a ton of other health benefits.

  6. Vitamin B Complex-Vitamin B Complex helps boost energy by fighting fatigue.  Fatigue is often due to low Vitamin B in the body.  Taking the Vitamin B Complex can change that.

  7. Whole Grain Snacks- Reaching for a whole grain snack instead of a sugary snack will make a major difference in your energy levels, and will keep you from that sugar crash that will definitely happen if you grab that sugary snack for the quick boost.

  8. Take a 10 minute walk- If you take a brisk 10 minute walk, it will refresh your energy level and drive away any fatigue you may be feeling.  It also has the benefit of speeding up your heart rate and getting blood flowing throughout the body.

So you have plenty of options to battle that fatigue.  Pick one or a few, and knock that fatigue out so you won’t look like this anymore:


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